Comfort dip

Recipe: avocado dip

On Mother’s Day, if your mother is dead, you will always feel a little bit sad.

We weren’t actually that big into Mother’s Day in my childhood home – something I now regret – and my mother’s mother actually died on Mother’s Day, so my mom wasn’t the biggest fan of the day. But still, I miss my mommy.

So yesterday between listening to my children tell me that I didn’t really deserve the cards that they made me, and feeling quite hard done by that I don’t have a mom of my own, I needed some comfort food. And one of my favourite comfort foods dates back as long as I can remember – avocado dip and tomato chips.

So great is my love for this dip that it caused me to also love mayonnaise. This is what happened. When I was little – very little – I decided that I hated mayonnaise. Actually, I hated most foods. Avo dip was probably one of the three things I ate. But a family friend had a daughter a bit older than me, and she called me out on this. “You love that dip,” she said. “And that dip is mostly mayonnaise.” (So traumatic is this memory that some 36 years later I still know where the conversation took place!)

Now although I was a fussy child, I was also a very moral child. And I could see that there was a problem with my position – I would either have to stop eating the dip or start eating mayonnaise. I started eating mayonnaise.

To this day, nothing makes me feel more indulgent than a big bowl of avo dip and crisps – preferably tomato crinkle cuts. So yesterday, I made myself exactly that. And after I ate it, I felt a bit less sorry for myself. Although that might have been the gin that accompanied it. . .

Avo dip is easy. Mash up an avo (or 2 or 3, depending how much you want and how many people you intend to feed). Then put in equal parts cream cheese and mayonnaise – again, the actual quantities will depend on how many people you want to feed. Then flavour with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Mush it all up.

avo dip ingredients.jpg

If you are going to keep it in the fridge for a bit, you can put the avo pip in it to keep it fresh. (This is one of my all time favourite magic tricks). But that won’t last long, so don’t make it too far ahead. Rather just eat it as soon as you can!

avo dip with chip.jpg




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